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Energy Storage Inverter Won Supreme Award in Centenary Ceremony of Panama International Exposition in the US

Release date  2015-12-25

In the mid third of December 2015, Chinese awarding ceremony of the Centenary Ceremony of Panama International Exposition of the US was held successfully in the conference hall of the CPPCC, hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce, China General Chamber of Commerce-USA, World Chinese Entrepreneur Association. Zheng Haijing, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Commerce Commission of the UN, Li Meng, vice chairman of CPPCC, Li Xinfu, a famous scholar and expert at home and the president of Hangzhou Sunny Energy, etc. attended the ceremony. On the awarding ceremony, products of a total of five enterprises such as Sunny Energy inverter and Guizhou Maotai Tianchao Shangpin won the "Supreme Award for Products", the highest honor of the Centenary Ceremony of Panama International Exposition 2015. Zheng Haijing issued the medal to Li Xinfu.

The scene of the ceremony

Zheng Haijing, chairman of the Asia-Africa Commerce Commission of the UN issues the award to Li Xinfu, president of Sunny Energy

This is a centenary awarding ceremony crossing the centuries as well as the first eye-catching awarding ceremony crossing the Pacific, with influence and high authority worldwide. Chinese Awarding Ceremony has selected the award winning enterprises through strict, objective and fair review and appraisal by an expert panel participated by related institutions of the UN and jointly formed by Chinese and foreign experts.

Five enterprises such as Sunny Energy and Guizhou Maotai won the Supreme Award for Products

Sunny Energy inverter was debuted globally in 2012. Once it was rolled out, it had stirred a sensation in the global photovoltaic market. According to incomplete statistics, thus far the company's energy storage inverter series products have taken the lead globally in market share and led the industry. In October 2015, the company's second generation intelligent household energy system for energy storage machine SOLAX Box was released officially and continued to lead the development of energy storage industry.

Energy Storage Inverter Won "Supreme Award for Products", Highest Honor of Centenary Ceremony

100 years ago, in 1915, to celebrate the opening of Panama Canal, the US invited different countries to San Francisco to a grand ceremony. The International Exposition started from February 20 and ended on December 4. It was the first time for China to attend an international exhibition and made an eye-catching achievement. In 2015, invited by the government of San Francisco and the organizing committee of Centenary Ceremony for Panama International Exposition, China established a special committee and dispatched a delegation of enterprises to the ceremony and exhibition. Hangzhou Suntellite attended the event with its energy storage inverter. The exhibition lasted for 9 months from February 20 to December 4. During the period, the event was attended tens of thousands of political leaders, elites and entrepreneurs from world famous enterprises across the world. It had greatly spread the excellent traditional culture of China and earned huge reputation for Chinese products in the world. Meanwhile, it was of significant meaning to the sustainable economic development of China.

The panorama of Panama International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915

The scene of Centenary Ceremony for Panama International Exposition in 2015