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Photovoltaic Ground Power Station

Photovoltaic ground power station refers to a solar energy photovoltaic power station that is connected to the grid and shares the task of power supply. Solar energy is an alternative energy resource that can be supplied limitlessly and can relieve the pressure of the peak period of energy use. The ground grid-connected power station comprises solar cell array, grid-connected inverter and photovoltaic integrated intelligent transformer substation. The solar cell array will directly convert solar energy into electric energy when there is sunlight. The inverter then converts direct current into alternating current. The electric energy will flow into the public grid after boosting at the special integrated intelligent transformer substation to share the task of power supply.

Compared with other types of distributed photovoltaic power stations, the photovoltaic ground power station has also an advantage. Since the power station is built on abandoned and uncultivated lands, it has greatly enhanced the utilization efficiency of lands and the output value of lands per unit of area. The interval between modules is larger than that of traditional power stations. Therefore, it can form a good environment of sunlight, ventilation and cooling. Modules can be installed with the best inclination and azimuth angle, which is beneficial for extending the service life of photovoltaic power generating modules and enhancing the power generating efficiency.