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Internet+ Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation

The Internet+ distributed photovoltaic power station is a trend of energy internet and the future of photovoltaic application. Through energy internet, it can achieve an online monitoring of all large distributed power stations and small household distributed power generation systems at home and abroad and provide detailed operation and maintenance data for the operation of power stations.

The global monitoring system of Sunny Energy designed based on a cloud platform can upload the operation data of a power station through communication modes such as Wifi. The owner can check and control the state of power stations via PC and APP; through big data analysis of later researches, it can provide the owner with an optimized household energy management scheme; through later development and update of remote software, it is convenient for maintenance and can cut the maintenance costs.

Distributed Energy to Promote Energy Internet

Rifkin, an American scientist, depicted his conception about the "connection" between the Internet and energy industry in his book The Third Industrial Revolution. Hundreds of millions of people will produce their own green energy at home, office and the factory and share with others on the "Energy Internet".

The Energy Internet promoted by distributed energy features a deep integration of Internet and distributed energy. Sunny Energy is a global leader in the field of "Energy Internet". The company's "Internet+ distributed photovoltaic power stations" intelligent management center can truly enable one to check details of global photovoltaic application products by clicking the mouse at the office, including related data such as generation capacity and generated power, but also enable one to precisely locate the model code and specific position of fault equipment via the Internet.

Internet+ Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation