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Intelligent Microgrid Photovoltaic Energy Storage System

Sunny Energy is a global leader in the field of "Energy Internet". The "intelligent microgrid energy storage" equipment developed and rolled out by the company can realize an "intelligent management" of photovoltaic power generation between household microgrid and large grid, thereby thoroughly breaking the limitation of power grid on photovoltaic development and stand at the forefront of global photovoltaic market.

Sunny Energy (Intelligent Microgrid) photovoltaic energy storage gird-connected inverter has successively won the certification of countries such as Australia, Germany, the UK and Holland and become the globally first producer to achieve volume production and sales of the system. By closely cooperating with 100-plus distributors and 20-plus national energy associations in Australia and Europe, it has aroused a sensation in the global photovoltaic market. According to incomplete statistics, up to date, the shipment of Sunny Energy inverter has taken the lead in the world and thoroughly broken the technological monopoly of foreign countries in the product. In 2015, the company's energy storage inverter series products successively won a "Supreme Award for Product" in the Centenary Ceremony of Panama International Exposition in the US and the "Award for Highest Influence" in Expo Milan 2015. In October 2015, the company's second generation intelligent household energy system for energy storage machine SOLAX Box was released officially and continued to lead the development of energy storage industry.

Intelligent Microgrid Photovoltaic Energy Storage System