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Industrial Roofing

Industrial and commercial roofing project is the most promising type of distributed photovoltaic project. According to a report made by domestic securities traders, the industrial and commercial roofing distributed photovoltaic power generation has brought economical benefits at home, whose IRR (Internal Return Rate) can reach around 15%.

Other than earning from electric charge, the industrial and commercial roofing project has the following highlights:
1、Roofing modules can help "regulate" the indoor temperature for free. In the summer and winter, it can lower temperature and preserve heat;
2、It can reduce carbon emission and will have extra revenue when the nation imposes a tax on carbon emission or transaction in the future;
3、The perfect combination of solar modules and the roofing is an effective exhibition.

(1) Building integrated photovoltaic's roofing power generation system (BIPV)

(2) Building additional photovoltaic system built on existing architectures