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  • In 2016

    Setting sail in 2016
    • In 2015

      Rapid Leap

      On April 29, 2015,
      an exchange meeting on Photovoltaic Construction Integration Application of Zhejiang Province was held ceremoniously;

      On May 20, 2015,
      it established a limited liability company and changed its name into Hangzhou Sunny Energy Science& Technology Co., Ltd.;

      On September 21, 2015,
      the intelligent microgrid energy storage grid-connected inverter and Building integrated photovoltaic's roofing power generation system were honored as excellent industrial products of Zhejiang Province;

      On October 7, 2015,
      it unveiled the globally first intelligent household energy system SOLAX BOX;

      On November 6, 2015,
      the "Sunny Energy Intelligent Microgrid Research Institute of Zhejiang Province" was certified as a provincial level enterprise research institute in 2015;

      On December 11, 2015,
      Hangzhou Sunny Energy Science& Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation: Sunny Energy, Stock Code: 834666) officially went public on the NEEQ market.

      In 2015,
      it successively won honors such as Jiuding Award for Honest Service of Asia, Top Ten Innovative Photovoltaic Enterprises of Asia, "Award for Highest Influence" in the Expo Milan 2015, and "Supreme Award for Products" in the Panama International Exposition Centenary Ceremony of the US.

    • In 2014

      Brilliant Achievements

      It attracted strategic investment from Orient Bangxin Capital Co., Ltd., one of the top platform companies of China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd.;

      Its core product "Building integrated photovoltaic's roofing power generation system" won an "appraisal certificate for industrial scientific achievements" from China Association of Architectural Metal Structure, whose technologies have reached the leading level domestically;

      Academician Lu Yongxiang, the former president of Chinese Academy of Sciences made a field inspection to the company and expressed high praise on the frontier technologies, product development and market expansion of the photovoltaic energy storage system;

      The "Intelligent Microgrid Energy Storage Inverter" made by the subsidiary Zhejiang SolaX Power Co., Ltd. took the third place in the final of new energy and environment saving and environment protection industry in China Innovation& Entrepreneurship Competition;

      It was listed among the first batch of 30 demonstrative enterprises for distributed photovoltaic large-scale application of China;

      The President Li Xinfu won the honor of "New Leader of Zhejiang Merchants in 2014".

    • In 2013

      Reach a New Height

      It established Hangzhou Center of the Solar Energy Utilization and Energy Saving Technology Key Lab of Zhejiang Province, was certified as a pilot enterprise of innovation of Hangzhou and joined the Solar Energy Industry Association of Zhejiang Province as a Vice President unit;

      It was listed among the first batch of 18 demonstrative enterprises for distributed photovoltaic power generation of China;

      It rolled out the globally first intelligent photovoltaic energy storage grid-connected inverter to lead the photovoltaic industry revolution.

    • In 2012

      Continuous Expansion

      It invested to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang SolaX Power Co., Ltd., which was devoted to R&D and production of products such as photovoltaic inverter and further expanding the mid and lower stream photovoltaic industrial chains;

      It was honored as a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Program, won approval for industrialization demonstration project of National Torch Program, and was listed among the first batch of 109 enterprises meeting the Manufacture Specifications of Photovoltaic Industry.

    • In 2011

      Scientific Innovation

      Leading the future with scientific innovation. The company has successively established an Enterprise High-tech Research and Development Center of Hangzhou, an Enterprise Technology Center of Hangzhou and its product "Building integrated photovoltaic's roofing power generation system" won approval from the National Technological Innovation Foundation for Medium and Small Sized Enterprises;

      It won honors such as "Top 100 Foreign Trade Enterprises of Hangzhou".

    • In 2010

      Eruptive Growth

      It joined Solar Energy Photovoltaic Industry Association of Hangzhou as a "Vice President unit";

      It purchased 100 mu of land at Tonglu Economic Development Zone to invest on the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Jinbei Science& Technology Co., Ltd., which was mainly engaged in the R&D and production of photovoltaic materials such as battery pieces and expanding the med and upper stream photovoltaic industrial chains;

      Its sales amount broke the threshold of one hundred million Yuan for the first time and erupted to exceed the threshold of two hundred million Yuan.

    • In 2009

      Cut a Figure

      Two projects of Suntellite were listed among the first batch of national Golden Sun demonstrative engineering projects;

      A delegation of municipal leaders of Hangzhou led by the mayor Cai Qi made a field inspection visit to the company and gave advice and suggestions for the company to expand the market and application scope.

    • In 2008

      Accumulating Strength

      Its solar energy module products have successively passed the international certifications such as CE of the EU and ROHS, and begun to display its strength in the international markets such as the EU. Depending on its leading technological advantages and reliable product quality, it has won the order of solar panels from the Madrid Airport of Spain;

      It was certified as a national high-tech enterprise.

    • In 2007

      March into Photovoltaic Field

      It was renamed as "Hangzhou Zhejiang University Sunny  Energy Science& Technology Co., Ltd." and successfully marched into the solar photovoltaic field;

      It established a production base in Xindeng Industrial Zone of Fuyang, Hangzhou and embarked upon a march into the photovoltaic industry.

    • In 2006

      Buried in R&D

      Headquartered in the National College Science Park of Zhejiang University, it has reached a long-term cooperation with Zhejiang University. Depending upon the resource advantages of Zhejiang University in talent, technologies, experimental facilities and cultural atmosphere, it has been buried in R&D and accumulating strength and devoted to technology R&D and fruit transformation of solar photovoltaic products.

    • In 2001


      On May 16, 2001, the company was established with a registration capital of 500,000 Yuan, legally registered with High-tech Zone (Binjiang) Branch of the Industry and Commerce Administration of Hangzhou.